Audiovisual communication with over 30 years' experience

Artizan Productions was founded in 1990, when tapes and film were still the main tools of the trade. Today, CEO and storyteller Bart runs the business, one eye on the future and one eye on his background in ads, music videos and fiction. By combining experience with your input as a client, Artizan Productions takes your communication to the next level.

Expertise, down to the finest detail 

Artizan Productions is a team with many talents and specific areas of expertise. We constantly inspire each other to communicate our clients' story clearly through sound and vision.

Our network of freelancers is also ready to complete any assignment down to the finest detail: actors, voice artists, make-up artists, stylists, set-builders, photographers, editors, animation and visual effects specialists …

Artizan Productions is years of experience and an insatiable hunger for new trends.

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